DO YOU DISAGREE with what the insurance company is offering for the damages caused by Hurricane Irma or Maria?

Does the insurance company adjuster work for you?

Usually, insurance companies do not give explanations of their offers and do not deliver their valuation to the client.

What can you do?

Generally, insurance companies give very general explanations of their offers and do not give their appraisal to the client. Insurers tend to protect their interests. In case of discrepancies, hiring an independent appraiser improves the chances of success against the insurer. A second opinion may serve to try to reach an agreement or as a basis for the judicial claim.

Canino, Romaguera, & Associates offers appraisals and expert services in discrepancies with the insurance companies following the Uniform Standards of the Appraisal Profession, without having any type of conflict and compromises. We are specialized in a variety of disciplines and / or specializations; such as:

  • Real Estate,
  • Personal Property,
  • Machinery and Equipment.

In addition, we assess contents, inventory and losses of businesses, industries, residences and institutions

Our Insurance Valuations have four stages:

  1. The visit in person (photographs, measurements, material remains).
  2. Collect data, reports and statements from witnesses
  3. Prepare the Appraisal Report.
  4. Prepare the appearance to the court with the lawyer, if necessary.


Or via phone or email:


Phone: 787-640-5086

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