Qualifications: Machinery and Equipment

Qualifications of Iván R. Canino-Rivera MBA, ASA, MIE Accredited Senior Appraiser Designation Awarded by the American Society of Appraisers In Machinery and Technical Specialties

February 2017



Iván R. Canino- Rivera, MBA, ASA

Real Estate, Business, Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
General Certified Appraiser
AQB Certified USPAP Instructor
P.O. Box 192044
San Juan, PR 00919


Phone: (787) 640-5086

1.1  Summary of Qualifications

Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA)

The American Society of Appraisers
Designated in Machinery & Technical Specialties/ Machinery & Equipment
ID Number: 99771 (2010) Expiration Date, September 20, 2021

Licensed Professional Real Estate Appraiser
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
License No. 35 (1975), Expiration Date: December 19, 2019.

General Certified Appraiser for Federally Related Transactions
Certification No. 34 (1997) Expiration Date, December 5, 2020.

Certified USPAP Instructor
Appraisal Qualification Board of The Appraisal Foundation
Certification No. 44965 (2012), Expiration Date: March 31, 2020

Designated Member (MIE) of Instituto de Evaluadores de Puerto Rico
Certification No.110

Professor of the following courses:

  • Appraisals Principles
  • Appraisals Procedures
  • Condemnation Course (2013-16)

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico


1.2  Formal Education

Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Bachelor of Arts

Mayor in Economy and Business Administration (1963-1966)

The University of Phoenix-Puerto Rico Campus

Master of Business Administration (2008-2010)







       Local Agencies       

Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company

Land Puerto Rico Administration

Puerto Rico Highway Authority

Puerto Rico Housing Bank

Puerto Rico Department of Justice

Puerto Rico Telephone Company

Puerto Rico Sports and Recreation Department

Puerto Rico Commission for the    Transfer of Land and Other Federal Properties

New San Juan Center Corporation

Banco Cooperativo de PR

Federal Agencies

Housing and Urban Development Department

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Small Business Administration



U.S. District Courts for PR

U.S. Bankruptcy Court

U.S. Court of Federal Claims


Superior and District Courts of San Juan Condemnation

Civil Superior and District Courts of Carolina

Superior and District Courts of Bayamón

Superior Court of Ponce

Superior Court of Mayagüez

Superior Court of Aibonito

Superior Court of Fajardo


Instituto de Evaluadores de Puerto Rico

Member: (1998-present)

Vice President:    (2008-2012)

American Society of Appraisers

Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA): (2011-present)

Instituto de Evaluadores de Puerto Rico Representative to the Appraisal Foundation

Washington, DC: (2007-2013)

La Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio en Puerto Rico

Associate Member: (1991-present)

Mortgage Bankers School of Puerto Rico (MBS)

Former Member of the Board of Directors: (1988-1991)

Mortgage Loan Officers Association of PR (M-Loan)

Affiliate Member: (1985-2010)

Colegio de Evaluadores de Puerto Rico

Former President: (1972-1974)


1.5-1    Intended Uses

Transfer, Financing, Condemnation, Insurance, Taxes, Financial Planning, Leasing, Merge/ Barter/ Due Diligence, Corporate Financial/ Dissolutions.

1.5-2     Type of Values

Reproduction / Replacement Cost New and Depreciated / Fair Market Value / Fair Market Value     in Continued Use, Installed, Removal / Orderly Liquidation Value, in Place / Forced / Salvage / Scrap Value / Insurance Replacement Cost / Depreciated Value.

1.5-3    Classification

Automotive Equipment / Business Machinery / Dies / Jigs / Fixtures / Systems / General Plant Equipment / Machinery and Equipment / Material Handling Equipment / Office Furniture / Fixtures & Machines / Power Service / Process Piping / Laboratory Test Equipment / Rolling Stock (vehicles) / Houses, Offices & Commercial Personal Contents.

1.5-4    Industries

Printing / Food and Beverage/ Processing / Baking / Medical / Construction / Transportation / Communication / Manufacture / Fuel and Gas Storage / Metal and Steel Processing / Plastic Processing / Personal Properties.


1.6-1     Printing

San Juan Star Newspaper Press / San Juan Star Newspaper Printing and Processing Equipment, Office Equipment, and Content

1.6-2     Sands and Gravel/ Asphalt, Concrete Plants/ and Concrete Mix Trucks

Concretos del Norte/ Oriental Concrete / Raymond Ready Mix / Puerto Rico Asphalt at Arecibo, Bayamón, Carolina and Salinas / Hato Nuevo Sands and Gravel / Saint Croix Sand and Gravel /  Gurabo Sand and Gravel /  Arenero Estrella Sand and Gravel /  CEMEX PR-Concretera Juncos Aggregates Processing

1.6-3     Offices / Medical / Lodging

Centro Radiológico de Río Grande / Isla Verde Hotel and Resort Beds Inventory / One Day Denture Service / Mepsi Center Equipment and Content

1.6-4    Water and Refreshments Bottling.

Refresquería Cupey / Mountain Breeze Water / Agua de Manantiales Las Palmas

1.6-5    Fuel and Gas Storage Tanks and Appurtenances

Las Mareas Tank Farm / Cataño Fuel Storage Tank Facility / Romaguera Tank Farm in Mayagüez /  PREPA  Fuel  Pipelines  and  Metering /  Cataño  Tank  Farm  Throughput Analysis /  Navy Fuel Storage Facility- Salvage Value of Certain Equipment / Tropigas Tank Farm

1.6-6     Sugar Mills and Refineries

Central Roig and Sugar Refinery / Central Igualdad and Sugar Refinery / Central Plata

1.6-7     Agricultural Equipment

Central Roig Farm and Transportation Equipment / Central Igualdad Farm and Transportation Equipment / Gramas El Verdor Irrigation Equipment

1.6-8    Plant Rolling Stock / Vehicles / Trucks

Seven Cars-Vehicles of Schering de Puerto Rico / Various Puerto Rico Bus Authority Buses / Kenworth Tractor’s Trucks / MCI Tour Motor Coach / Office Trailers / Tourist Buses / Newtons’ Commercial Dive Special Power Boats / La Casa del Mar Scuba Diving Gears and Supporting Equipment / CEMEX Tractor Trucks and Platforms / CEMEX Concrete Mixing Trucks / Mr. Emilio Morales-Maldonado (Kenworth Truck) / Mr. José J. Maldonado-Jiménez (Suzuki Vitara Vehicle) / Ms. Yesenia Pantoja (Ford Tow Truck)

1.6-9    Decorative and Fine Art / Furniture / Fixtures / Estate Content

Yous Chinese Steak House Restaurant / Modu Spazio / Villa Navarra Bakery / Precision Gun / Top Fuel Tech / Alcalá Office / Eddie Auto Repair / Fun Valley Theme Park / Speedy Muffler Car Care / Happy Ranch Restaurant / Palmas del Mar Apartment Contents Estate of Joel Spira Tangible Personal Property

1.6-10    Construction / Refrigeration / Electric Equipment

American Ship Chandler Refrigeration Equipment / Refrigeration of Econo Supermarket at Levittown and Isabela / Masso and Contreras Construction Equipment / Hills Construction Corp. Volumetric Concrete Mixer Trucks and Tower Cranes / John Deere Excavator / CEMEX Palo Seco Electric Substation / Bandit Wood Shredder of Dorado Municipality

1.6-11    Electronic and Other Equipment

Television Transmitter / Car Wash and Lubricating Facilities / Parking Access and Revenue Control Equipment of Fajardo Municipality

1.6-12    Food & Dairy Processing Equipment

Suiza Dairy Yogurt Plant

1.6-13    Steel and Metal Processing Machinery

Acesco Caribe Manufacturing Plant

1.6-14    Plastic Processing Machinery

Mar-Coop Molding Manufacturing Plant


Cost Estimating Course

Feasibility Analysis Seminar

Mortgage Equity Capitalization and Investment Seminar

Valuation of Leases and Leasehold Interest Seminar

Marketability and Market Analysis Seminar

Basic Money Market & Economic Analysis Seminar

Depreciation Analysis Seminar

Income Capitalization Seminar

R-41-B and the Appraisers FHLBB Appraisal Standard & Guideline

R-41-C and the Appraisers Seminar

Appraisal Reviewing Course

Income Property Valuation

Principles of Income Property Appraising Course

Standards, Practices, and Ethics for the Appraisers Course

Condemnation Course I

Condemnation, Advanced Level Course II

Uniform Standard of Professional Practice (USPAP) 15 hours Course

Economic Principles Seminar

Advanced Capitalization Course

Appraisal Consulting Seminar

Advanced Income Capitalization Course

Appraisal Consulting, Seminar (Advanced)

Concept and Principles of USPAP an Instructor’s Application Course

ASA International Appraisal Conference in Boston— M&E Section

Machinery and Equipment Appraisers Course (IEPR-M&E 551)

Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Valuation (ASA-M&E 201)

Machinery and Equipment Valuation Methodology (ASA-M&E 202)

M&E Advanced Topics- Case Studies (ASA-M&E 203)

Machinery and Equipment Valuation- Advanced Topics & Report Writing (M&E 204)

Ethics and the Appraiser (ASA M&E Seminar)

Data Reference-An Online M&E Resources (ASA M&E Seminar)

Valuation Performed for Financial Reporting Purposes (ASA-M&E Seminar)

Positive Trends in Plastics Machinery & Equipment Values (ASA-M&E Seminar

Economic Obsolescence: Quantitative Methods for Analyzing External Factors

Impacting Value (ASA-M&E Seminar)

Valuing Business Aircraft (ASA-M&E Seminar)

Valuing Quarries & Mines (ASA, BVR Seminar)

Valuation of Healthcare Tangible (FF&E) Personal Property (ASA-M&E Course)

Discounts for Lack of Marketability (ASA-M&E Seminar)

Plastic Industry Market Values Update (ASA-M&E Seminar)

Prospective Truck/Tractor Appraising with Trend Analysis (ASA-M&E Seminar)

The Trends and Analysis of Trailer and Tractor Value (ASA-M&E Seminar)

ME144-WEB – Trailers, Will the Wheels Come Off (ASA-M&E Seminar)