University of Puerto Rico

Real Estate Principles Course

Real Estate Appraisal Course

Real Estate Financing Course

Cost Estimating Course

Urban Potential & Development of Land in Puerto Rico Course

Land Valuation Course

Residential Appraisal Course



Appraisal Institute

Methods, Techniques and Principles of Real Estate Appraisal Course

Section 8/HUD-Rent Comparability Studies Seminar

Apartment Appraisal Course

Subdivision Analysis Seminar Real Estate Market Trend Symposium USPAP Course Appraising Local Retail Properties Seminar

Consulting Seminar

Real Estate Finance, Value and Investment Performance Seminar

Appraisal Consulting Seminar

Fundamentals of Separating Real Property, Personal Property, and Intangible Business Assets


Society of Real Estate Appraisers

Introduction to Appraising Real Property Course

Depreciation Seminar

Residential Appraisal Seminar Tax Considerations in Real Estate Transactions Seminar

Feasibility Analysis Seminar

Commercial Appraisals Seminar

Mortgage Equity Capitalization and Investment Seminar

Valuation of Lease and Leasehold Interest Seminar

Condominium Appraising Seminar

R-2 Exam- Single Family Dwelling

Marketability and Market Analysis Seminar

Basic Money Market & Economic Analysis Seminar

Depreciation Analysis Seminar Income Capitalization Seminar

R-41-B and the Appraisers FHLBB Appraisal Standards and Guidelines Seminar

Uniform Residential Appraisal Report Seminar

R-41-C and the Appraiser Seminar

National Flood Insurance Seminar

Real Estate Valuation Using Spread Sheets Seminar

Income Property Valuation for the 1990’s Seminar

Subdivision Analysis Seminar

An Introduction to Appraising Real Property Course

Principles of Income Property Appraising Course

Residencial Appraisal Course Curse

Instituto de Evaluadores de Puerto Rico Rural Farms Appraisal Seminar

Successions and Donations Seminar

Condemnation and Appraising Real Estate Seminar

Condemnation Course I Mathematics for Real Estate Appraisers Course

Real Property Appraising Course

Condemnation (Advanced Level)

Course Uniform Standard and Professional Practice Course

Machinery and Equipment Appraisals Course

Economic Principles Seminar

Appraisals of Right of Way Easement Seminar

Advanced Capitalization Course

15 Hours USPAP Course

“Seminario de Tasación de Fincas Agrícolas”

“Seminario de la Inspección Residencial, Comercial e Industrial”

“Seminario de Regionalización y Plan de Uso de Terrenos de Puerto Rico”

“Curso de Excel para Tasadores”

“Tasación de Facilidades de Telecomunicaciones”


American Society of Appraisers

1976 International Appraisal Conference in Boston (M-E Section)

Introduction to Machinery and Equipment Valuation (ME-201)

Machinery and Equipment Valuation Methodology (ME-202)

Machinery and Equipment Advanced Topics- Case studies (ME-203)

Machinery and Equipment Valuation- Advanced Topics and Report Writing (ME-204)

Ethics and the Appraiser

Data Reference-An Online M&E Resource)

Valuation Performed for Financial Reporting Purposes

Positive Trends in Plastics Machinery & Equipment Values

Economic Obsolescence: Quantitative Methods for Analyzing External Factors

Impacting Value

Valuing Business Aircrafts

Appraisal Review; Risks, and Regulations


Other Courses and Seminars

Mathematics of Real Estate Appraisers Course

Legal Aspects in Real Estate Valuation Seminar

Introduction to Real Estate Investment Course

FHA & Conventional Appraisals Seminar

Appraisal Seminar Made on the URAR Form (FMLMC 70 FNMA 1004)

Appraisal Reviewing Seminar

Creative 35 MM Techniques Course

FNMA- Today’s Alternative Seminar

Standards, Practices and Ethics for the Real Estate Appraiser Seminar

Underwriting Seminar Freddie Mac and M-Loan of Puerto Rico

Concept and Principles of the USPAP Course

Valuing Quarries & Mines